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Introducing the Next Generation of Live 4G GPS Tracking Solutions from NBS, Real-time monitoring of Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Caravans, Boats

With great pleasure, I reach out to you to introduce our latest innovation in Live GPS tracking technology – the NBS GPS Trackers.

At New Bridge Services, we have always strived to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions that address their unique needs and challenges. With this commitment in mind, we are excited to bring you a new line of GPS trackers representing a significant leap forward in tracking accuracy, reliability, and user experience.


Our 4G NBS GPS Trackers boast several exceptional features that set them apart:

Real-Time Tracking: Stay in complete control with real-time tracking updates. Monitor the precise location of your assets and vehicles with unparalleled accuracy.

Advanced Mapping: Our trackers are seamlessly integrated with intuitive mapping software, clearly representing your assets’ movements.

Geofencing: Define customized geographic boundaries and receive instant notifications when your assets enter or exit these areas.

Long Battery Life: Our trackers come equipped with extended battery life, ensuring consistent tracking over longer periods without frequent recharging.

Data Security: Your data privacy is our priority. Our GPS trackers employ advanced encryption and security measures to protect your information.

User-Friendly Interface: Our user interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to access the information you need without hassle.

PC/ Mobile apps with a whole lot of advance features

Location History: Play Back to Review the travel history of tracked devices to understand routes and patterns.

Versatile Tracking for Every Need


The NBS Live GPS Trackers can revolutionize how you manage your assets and vehicles. Whether you’re in logistics, fleet management, or any industry that relies on location data, our trackers offer unparalleled insights that can drive operational efficiency and peace of mind.

GPS Trackers

Monitor your Vehicles, Portable Toilets, Skip Bins, and other assets via a satellite positioning system.